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The Boolaloo copper-gold and base metal project is located approximately 160km west of Paraburdoo and 35km southwest of the Paulsen's gold mine in the Ashburton region of Western Australia. The Company has granted exploration licences over the potential strike extents of the interpreted mineralised structures, giving a significant strategic holding of 707 in an emerging province and covers more than 30km of strike of the interpreted mineralised structures.

  • Significant copper and gold potential.


  • Advanced copper and gold prospects with new discoveries.

  • High grade outcropping copper mineralisation in multiple lodes at the Copper Strike Prospect

  • Mineralisation strike lengths of over 1.5km at the K15 and K16 Prospects, with drill results which include 3m at 1.83% Cu and 1.12 g/t Au.

  • Newly discovered outcropping copper mineralisation at the Green Hills Prospect with drill results that include 12m at 0.72% Cu and 0.14 g/t Au, including 4m at 1.16% Cu and 0.27 g/t Au.

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A summary of the significant results from the Boolaloo Project is below.


  • MIRC013: 3m at 3.05% Cu and 0.57 g/t Au from 63m, including 2m at 3.90% Cu and 0.77 g/t Au from 63m.


  • MIRC002: 4m at 1.06% Cu and 1.40 g/t Au from 109m, including 1m at 1.41% Cu and 2.70 g/t Au from 110m.

  • MIRC004: 3m at 1.83% Cu and 1.12 g/t Au from 96m, including 1m at 3.14% Cu and 1.38 g/t Au from 96m.

  • MIRC009: 2m at 1.44% Cu and 1.36 g/t Au from 137m, including 1m at 2.28% Cu and 2.28 g/t Au from 138m.

Copper Strike

  • MIRC027: 2m at 3.81% Cu and 0.62 g/t Au from 62m.

  • BLDD003: 10.05m at 0.84% Cu and 0.11 g/t Au from 23.15m, including 2.7m at 1.45% Cu and 0.14 g/t Au from 23.15m and 0.85m at 2.68% Cu and 0.49 g/t Au from 32.35m.

Green Hills

  • BLRC002: 12m at 0.72% Cu and 0.14 g/t Au from surface, including 4m at 1.16% Cu and 0.27 g/t Au from 4m.

Erny Bore

  • BLRC009: 11m at 0.38% Cu from 79m.

  • BLRC009: 2m at 0.95% Cu and 0.40g/t Au from 59m, including 1m at 1.73% Cu and 0.78g/t Au from 59m.

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