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Quarterly Activities Report

Kingfisher has made a number of breakthrough high-grade rare earth elements discoveries and is advancing its lithium exploration in the highly prospective Gascoyne Region.


  • Three large carbonatite pipe targets identified from ground gravity survey at Mick Well.

  • Carbonatite pipe targets interpreted to be the source of high grade Rare Earth Elements (REE) mineralisation in the Mick Well area

  • Six new high-grade discoveries, MW9 to MW14, were made around the large carbonatite pipe targets at Mick Well, increasing the strike length of vein/dyke mineralisation to more than 20km.

  • Exceptional results returned from newly discovered mineralisation include:

    • 26.46% TREO with 4.56% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2946)

    • 26.00% TREO with 3.62% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2873)

    • 25.66% TREO with 5.47% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS3173)

    • 24.09% TREO with 3.87% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS3031)

    • 20.28% TREO with 3.55% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2948)

  • LK1 surface geochemistry survey defines several large REE anomalies, with peak LREO (Light Rare Earth Oxides) value of 0.21%.

  • Surface geochemistry anomalies coincide with the new LK1 carbonatite pipe targets delineated from the recently completed ground gravity survey and airborne magnetics.

  • Broad lithium anomalies identified from first pass, widely spaced soil geochemistry at Chalby Chalby, with lithium anomalies extending over 1600m in length and 800m in width.

  • Chalby Chalby Lithium anomalies associated with pegmatites that have been mapped over a strike length of more than 13,000m and have initial assays up to 0.61% Li₂O.


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