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Quarterly Activities Report

Kingfisher has made a number of breakthrough high grade rare earth elements discoveries and is advancing its lithium exploration in the highly prospective Gascoyne Region.


  • Three large carbonatite pipe targets identified from ground gravity survey at Mick Well.

  • Carbonatite pipe targets interpreted to be the source of high grade Rare Earth Elements (REE) mineralisation at MW2, MW7, MW8 and MW9.

  • Exceptional results returned from two newly discovered parallel mineralised lodes at MW9, with samples up to 26% Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) and 3.62% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2873).

  • Strike length of outcropping high grade REE mineralisation at Mick Well increases to more than 9,000m.

  • Other new rock chip results from MW9 include: – 20.28% TREO with 3.37% Nd₂O₃ + Pr6O11 (MWGS2882) – 10.34% TREO with 1.82% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2871) – 10.18% TREO with 1.59% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2887)

  • Multiple stacked pegmatites mapped at the Chalby Chalby lithium project with a combined strike length of more than 13,000m and initial assays up to 0.61% Li₂O.

  • Broad lithium anomalies identified from first pass, widely spaced soil geochemistry at Chalby Chalby, with lithium anomalies extending over 1600m in length and 800m in width.

  • Airborne geophysical surveys completed across the Company’s Chalba and Mooloo tenements, providing new and valuable information for ongoing targeting of REEs and lithium-bearing pegmatites.

Kingfisher Mining Limited (ASX:KFM) (“Kingfisher” or the “Company”) is focused on exploration at its wholly owned projects in the Gascoyne and Ashburton Mineral Fields of Western Australia. In the Gascoyne region, the Mick Well, Kingfisher and Arthur River Projects are prospective for REE mineralisation which is associated with a series of carbonatite intrusions discovered by the Company in late 2021. In the Ashburton region, the Company has advanced its copper and gold exploration projects at Boolaloo, which is located approximately 35km from the Paulsens gold mine.


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