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High Grade REE Mineralisation Discovered at MW9

Gravity surveys completed at Mick Well and large LK1 target


  • Exceptional results returned from two newly discovered parallel mineralised lodes at MW9, with samples up to 26% Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) and 3.62% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2873).

  • Strike length of outcropping mineralisation at Mick Well increases to more than 9,000m.

  • Other new rock chip results from MW9 include:

    • 20.28% TREO with 3.37% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2882)

    • 10.34% TREO with 1.82% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2871)

    • 10.18% TREO with 1.59% Nd₂O₃ + Pr₆O₁₁ (MWGS2887)

  • Second area of REE mineralisation at the CH9 target with results up to 0.68% TREO identified at the western end of the 54km long Chalba target corridor, which is more than 22km from Mick Well.

  • Gravity surveys targeting undercover carbonatites related to the identified systems completed at LK1 and Mick Well.

  • Geochemical survey to commence shortly at LK1 as part of ongoing work to develop drill targets for these large-scale prospects.

Kingfisher Mining Limited (ASX:KFM) (“Kingfisher” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce further discovery from its ongoing exploration within the Mick Well area of the highly prospective Gascoyne Province.

Kingfisher’s Executive Director and CEO James Farrell commented: “The discovery of new high grade REE mineralisation at MW9 highlights the significant additional potential of the large scale carbonatite target at Mick Well which extends over an area of 7km by 4km. Our ongoing exploration is advancing towards new drill targets, with the recent completion of a gravity survey at Mick Well as well as another at our other very large LK1 target. In addition to our REE exploration, our lithium pegmatites targeting is continuing, with a soil geochemistry program at Chalby Chalby.”


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